Tools and supports if you’re worried about progress in literacy

Tools and supports if you’re worried about progress in literacy

Choose resources and strategies that use both positive learning relationships and effective teaching skills to support learning progress.

Here are some proven strategies to draw on if you’re worried about progress in literacy, along with easy-to-pick up and use examples:

Other resources

The Instructional Series includes reading materials designed to support learning across the curriculum and students’ development of more complex literacy skills. The series includes targeted materials for students who need additional support to keep progressing.  

The Ready to Read series is part of the Instructional Series and supports early literacy learning for children in years 1-3. The series includes Ready to Read Phonics Plus books and Ready to Ready Colour Wheel books. Check the page: Ready to Read books.

For Pacific students, the Pasifika dual language resources are designed to support the early language and literacy learning of Pasifika new entrant students using Pacific languages at home in English-medium classrooms.

For ideas for learning opportunities you can use with your class or for groups of students, there are content resources available for literacy learning on the Learning from Home website or through Papa Kāinga TV (on-demand programmes and lesson plans).

Seeking additional support

Additional support for accelerating literacy progress is available through:

If you feel stuck, please reach out to your senior adviser in your regional Ministry of Education office or email

Curriculum Progress Tools

The Progress and Consistency Tool (PaCT) enables you to track individual learner progress against the Learning Progression Framework.

PaCT supports assessment for learning. It prompts you to notice the important aspects of students’ reading, writing and mathematics progress so you can calibrate your teaching response to their specific learning needs. Supports available to help you implement PaCT include:

  • Team Member: Email if you would like a team member to contact you to go over the supports available and how to access them.
  • Support Schools Network: Peer to peer support for teachers and schools from proficient users of the curriculum progress tools. These users have experienced the benefits of the tools and have practice and implementation insights to share with you.  Contact if you would like to be put in touch with a member of our School Support Network.
  • Online PLD: Online PLD sessions to support schools to implement or continue to develop use of the Curriculum Progress Tools.  Contact to ask about these free sessions.

If you are interested in using the curriculum progress tools, please contact the Education Service Desk on 0800 422 599 or email: