Additional relief funding for Term 1, 2022

Additional relief funding for Term 1, 2022

During Term 1 2022, schools and kura can apply for additional relief funding for COVID-19 staff-related absences to replace teaching and non-teaching staff.

For teachers, the board must cover the first four days of a COVID-19 staff-related absence (reduced from eight days). After four days, relief funding can be claimed from the Additional Relief Teacher Funding (ARTF).

Relief funding for non-teaching staff can be claimed from the first day of a COVID-19 staff-related absence from the Additional Relief Funding for Non-teaching staff.

The conditions and process outlined in the table below apply to all traffic light settings under the COVID-19 Protection Framework (CPF).

Conditions that must be met to claim Additional Relief Funding for COVID-19 reasons

A staff member’s absence is being covered by a reliever because they are:

  • confirmed as a COVID-19 case
  • required to care for a person dependent on them for care, as a result of a COVID-19 diagnosis, or in COVID-19 isolation
  • required to self-isolate due to public health advice, such as being in contact with someone who has contracted COVID-19 and is unable to work from home.

How to record the leave type

Record absence following advice on the Advice for schools/kura page.

The managing staff leave page reflects the various collective agreements that schools and kura need to consider.

How to claim Additional Relief Teacher Funding or Additional Relief Funding for COVID-19 reasons during Term 1, 2022


Where a relief teacher is employed for five or more days due to a COVID-19 absence a claim can be made using the ERS Additional Relief Teacher Funding Claim Process.

In the claim process, please tick the COVID-19 box to indicate that this is a COVID-19 claim.  We advise that schools keep any supporting documentation regarding their claims as these will be required for auditing purposes and may be requested as part of assessing the claim.

Note: The Additional Relief Teacher Fund can be claimed for other reasons. See When we provide funding - Additional relief teacher funding.

If a teacher’s absence was eligible for Additional Relief Teacher Funding for other reasons in 2022, those days are taken into account. A change of reason for absence does not restart the eight day rule for general ARTF claims or the four day rule for COVID-19-related ARTF claims. 

Non-teaching staff

Claims for relief funding for non-teaching COVID-19 staff absences can be made by:

  • completing the form below: COVID-19 additional relief funding Non-teaching Staff Reimbursement Claim Form, and
  • emailing it to
Additional relief funding
COVID-19 additional relief funding – Non-teaching Staff
COVID-19 additional relief funding – Non-teaching Staff

How much you will receive?


The amount received is calculated using the Additional relief teacher funding formula.

Non-teaching staff

For non-teaching staff, the daily reimbursement rate is $201.02 (incl GST), and the maximum weekly reimbursement rate is $1,005.10 (incl GST).  This has been calculated based upon:

  • the current minimum hourly pay rate specified in the Support Staff in Schools Collective Agreement (2019-2022) of $21.78
  • an assumption that non-teaching staff are employed 40 hours per week – that is, 8 hours per day, for 5 days
  • the addition of ACC, at the current rate of 0.0032% for schools, and GST of 15% to the rate. 

For part-time staff, funding is calculated in proportion to their part-time employed hours and paid in equivalent full-time hours.