Supporting learning progress – strategies and tools

Supporting learning progress – strategies and tools

Once students and ākonga are ready to re-engage with learning in the classroom, you will be thinking about their progress across the curriculum which has been affected significantly by COVID-19.

Students and ākonga from primary through to senior secondary will have experienced different learning opportunities at home to those in the classroom.

You will be noticing, celebrating and looking to build on interests and strengths of your learners which may have become more visible through learning from home.

You may also notice interruption of some learning and will want to ensure the impact is not lasting. Connecting your learner in the classroom or akomanga with deliberate acts of teaching to a curriculum that engages them will be important.

Here are some useful teaching strategies and resources that will make it easier to support progress in the classroom and akomanga:

Parent and whānau concerns about progress or wellbeing

Parents and whānau may be worried about their child’s progress due to the disruptions of COVID or other reasons. Encourage them to talk with their child’s teacher or kaiako so a response can be planned together that connects the learning and practice to everyday activities at home or in the community.

Check our supports for meeting the wider wellbeing needs of students. You can also share our advice for parents and whānau, including wellbeing tips, if they do have concerns about their child’s wellbeing or return to school.

Professional learning and development support

As you notice the learning needs students and ākonga have following disruption of the COVID-19 response you may identify opportunities to strengthen teacher and kaiako capabilities. 

Schools and kura may wish to apply to the Regionally-allocated PLD Fund. The different priorities bring different capabilities to the fore, but all of them are relevant to strengthening learner progress. A range of facilitators are available with different areas of speciality.