Curriculum Leads | Kaihautū Marautanga – a service for kaiako

Curriculum Leads | Kaihautū Marautanga – a service for kaiako

Our Curriculum Lead | Kaihautū Marautanga service was set up this year to support kaiako and teachers in kōhanga reo, early learning services, kura and schools design quality learning opportunities and experiences for all ākonga. Te Tiriti o Waitangi, mārau ā-kura and local curriculum design are at the heart of this mahi.

Kaiako talking at a table.

We have 38 Curriculum Leads who work in all curriculum settings and have expertise in Te Whāriki, Te Whāriki a te Kōhanga reo, Te Marautanga o Aotearoa, and the New Zealand Curriculum. They have all been kaiako and leaders and are passionate about inclusive education that meets the needs of ākonga and whānau. They provide real opportunities to make a bigger difference to education and provide kaiako with the curriculum service and support they deserve. 

Our Curriculum Leads bring people together. We know that one-size-fits-all is not effective. Therefore, Curriculum Leads offer various levels of support (including kaiako support) - Self-directed, Guided, Supported.  

A direct link to Te Poutāhū (The Curriculum Centre)

You’ll find our Curriculum Leads working across the country in Te Mahau | Te Tai Raro, Te Mahau | Te Tai Whenua, Te Mahau | Te Tai Runga (the North, Central and South) supplying local expertise and support. They have a direct connection to Te Poutāhū meaning kaiako will have more transparency and more direct insight into curriculum developments and policies.  

We heard curriculum support materials and documents were often shelved and left in the packaging they arrived in because they arrived unexpectedly with no real context or purpose. You also told us that although some of the curriculum supports would have been helpful, it would have been nice to be given notice so kaiako could plan their use. Our Curriculum Leads will create opportunities for the right curriculum supports go to the right place at the right time. They will help unpack these supports with kaiako and explain their intent. 

Relationship and Sexuality Education Guidelines  

In response to an event in the Canterbury Region, our Curriculum Leads responded to bring the resources to life.  

Our Curriculum Leads unpacked the intent of the Sexuality and Relationship Guidelines at a large regional workshop with multiple agencies. They highlighted the resources and curriculum supports that go alongside the guidelines and gave localised support relevant to the uniqueness of the kura and schools within the region. Curriculum Leads shared feedback from participants so future supports are visible, are highlighted at the right time, implementation is improved, and future supports are fit for purpose.  

The Future - National Curriculum Refresh

We also heard the National Curriculum Refresh is overwhelming and difficult to prioritise. This is not surprising given all the other challenges kaiako have faced over the past few years. Curriculum Leads know everyone is starting at a different place, and they are here to support no matter what stage of the journey kaiako are on. 

Our Curriculum Leads have begun collaborating with kaiako on Aotearoa New Zealand’s histories, providing multiple opportunities to engage with curriculum resources.

They can help you determine where you are at and what you need. Where necessary, they will quickly connect you to the right people and places eg professional development services, networks of expertise and subject matter experts. You can contact our Curriculum Leads via your local Ministry office.