Guidance for educators and leaders

Guidance for educators and leaders

We’re in the early stages of creating a Te Mahau Service Portal so you have one place to go to access information, guidance and forms important to running your early learning service, school or kura.


Improving our web-based guidance documents: easier to find and shorter

Feedback from teachers, school and early learning leaders about our guidance documents said they need to be easier to read, simplified and much briefer. We reviewed close to 3,000 web pages and of these, over 650 web pages have been updated and 137 deleted or merged.

Examples of the guidance we’ve reviewed and simplified include Enrolments, school property and facilities and Emergencies and Traumatic Incidents and Staying calm with a crying baby.

It would be great to hear from users of these guides - tell us how we’re doing – are we hitting the mark or is there more we could do to make this information easier to use?

Currently, our guidance documents are in various places on our website – which we know isn’t ideal. We do have a plan to move them all to one place in a service portal, which is in the early stages of development. It will take time, but we are working as fast as we can to make access easier for you.

If you want to provide feedback to assist us as we continue reviewing our guidance documents, please contact your education advisor.

Analytics and feedback tell us that our most popular guidance between 1 January and 30 June 2021 were:

Web page views    Guidance
72,051 School deciles
19,557 Collective agreements
18,892     Te Whāriki
12,107  Students with learning support needs

A responsive and easy to use service-portal

You told us you’d like all our application forms in one place.  The portal will give us the ability to do this for you. 

You’ll have a personalised dashboard that will keep a record of what you have asked us or applied for, and show you where each application is in the admin process. Forms you fill out annually or more regularly will be automatically populated with your previous information, saving you time.

The names of your key regional staff eg education and property advisors will be included, and you’ll be able to phone, email or leave them a message from your dashboard.

There are many more features that will simplify processes for you and the portal will continue to evolve based on your ongoing feedback.

We are piloting the service portal with a small number of schools and kura and their feedback will inform changes, prior to expanding the pilot. If you’d like to be involved in the expanded schools/kura pilot, please get in touch with your education advisor.

For those of you in early learning, we are keen to talk about how a service portal might work for you.

We’ll keep you across our progress with the service portals here on our Te Mahau website and in your respective Bulletins.

We’re aware that anything that can make things easier for you will be eagerly anticipated!